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Focus on WHAT YOU DO BEST ... let me do the rest

Transform the relationships around you that are interfering with your progress and your financial success ...

"... being pulled away from growing the business to attend to staff members who are not on board with the vision or not getting along, is hurting my bottom line and draining my energy..." ~ Doug


"What would it mean to you if you knew the people around you understood & supported your vision?"

Here Are A Few Ways I Know I Can Help You:
Communicate Effectively With The People Around You.
Discover The Different Personality Styles Of Those Around You Using The DiSC Personality System.
Create A TEAM Culture.
Drastically Reduce The Relational Tension Around You.
Discover The 5 Learning Styles Of People To Enhance Communication.
... and much more.
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Here's what I know ...

Getting crystal clear on your passion is so critical for your overall success. But that's only half of the story, a very important half none-the-less. The other half is what we'll talk about.

You might be wondering what makes me qualified to help you in this period of transition? You can find out more here but here's a brief description of what qualifies me.

Like you I've had to wrestle with similar questions and concerns.

It was in 2008 that I made my transition. Most of the fears, doubts and beliefs that you are now having, I had. I had them all :-)

However, with the help of mentors, coaches, making and learning from my mistakes and taking little action steps, I've emerged into living the life I've always wanted. 

I've had a number of setbacks. The most serious was undergoing open heart surgery. Thank God I made it through, and I'm healthier and more vibrant today than ever before.

You can read more here. I hope this suffices for now.

However, I want you to know that helping you create a financial future that you can be proud of and allowing you to experience the freedom and flexibility that you desire, is what I'm about.

Don't hesitate any longer. Time is rapidly passing by. You don't want to look back and wish you had at least gave it a shot.

That's why I am here and am your guy.

Kingsley Grant

Hi, I'm Kingsley Grant - your Coach and Sherpa. I am here to guide you through your transitionary process, making sure you have a successful "landing."


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