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"Thanks for a life-changing presentation Kingsley and I know that this is the start of a great partnership with the Rock Stars at the Hard Rock Hotels u2013 All Inclusive Collection." ~ M. Johnson (Sales Manager - Hard Rock All Inclusive)

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Susan Leventhal Circle
Thank you so much for coming to our Professional Placement Network Program, providing a dynamic presentation on u201cScore Big or Go Homeu201d. The 50 attendees, all in career transition, were encouraged, engaged, and highly motivated with your advice that could prove to be life changing. I loved your demeanor, kind, funny, and impactful. I hope you will return next year! ~ Susan Leventhal (Professional Placement Network (PPN) Regional Director)
Moya Johnson Edited
"There are so many people out there who create elaborate presentations with the hopes of selling some unrealistic or unattainable concept. One thing that stood out to everyone was the time that Kingsley took to get a full understanding of our company, and the way he expertly incorporated that knowledge into his presentations. His material was clear, and practical, and was received by everyone on the team u2013 despite his or her role or years of service.u00a0 Itu2019s a true blessing to find someone who is willing to share their knowledge and is committed to helping others to discover their strengths and maximize their potential" ~ Moya Johnson (Sales Manager - Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive Collection)
Vernon Bailey Edited
"u2026your very impactful presentation on, u201dScore Big or Go Homeu201d (How to Gain More Influence and Affluence) You did an outstanding job of addressing the specifics identified in your topic and accomplished that with humor and grace. Most importantly, feedback from the attendees was highly positive.u201d ~ Vernon Bailey (PPN Regional Program Coordinator)
Here Are A Few Ways I Know I Can Help You:
Communicate Effectively With The People Around You.
Discover The Different Personality Styles Of Those Around You And How To Best Utilize Their Strengths.
Put The "I" Back In TEAM And Get The Win You Want.
Drastically Reduce The Relational Tension Around You.
Discover The 5 Learning Styles Of People To Enhance Communication.
... and much more.
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