Hi, I’m Kingsley Grant, author of The Midlife Launch: Successfully Pursue Your Dream Without Giving Up What’s Most Important To You

You might be wondering why I’m called a Sherpa and what does that have to do with you.

If you are anything like me, having that one person who can help you get to your desired goals quickly and smoothly, is the ultimate gift one can ever receive. 

Have you ever felt like you have to work twice as hard as others and somehow never seem to get to your desired goals? 

Have you ever wondered why?

When you look around for who could help you with the challenges you are facing, do you find it difficult to identify that person?

Everyone who you admire are either too busy with their own lives, too far removed from what you are experiencing, require a huge sum of money to get their help and sometimes, seems out of touch. 

They seem to forget what it was like to be where you are. 

That is where I come in as a SHERPA. 

I’m that person who is a few steps ahead but not so far that I can’t help you get to where you want. 

You already know what the end goal looks like. What is missing is how to take the first next step. You need to know how to cut through the confusion and overcome the overwhelm, gain clarity and start towards your goal. 

That’s the work of a Sherpa. In this case–ME.


It Wasn’t Always This Way!

It’s not that long ago that I too struggled to align myself with my purpose, live a life of significance and create my desired future.

It was frustrating in hindsight seeing that it wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but it was more lacking the confidence and the courage to take the risk. 

Add to that not having someone to help guide me through the process.


At 45 Years Of Age, I Decided…

I was almost 45 years of age when I went back to college. Two years later I graduated Cum Laude with my Master’s Degree. All this I did while working a full-time job, being a husband and a parent to our two children.

Two years later in 2008, I resigned from a long-term (twenty-one years) employment. 

Then This Happened

Almost six months after my resignation, I underwent an open-heart quadruple by-pass surgery.

Can you imagine!

“Why now?” is the question I pondered.

It had been just a few months that I had begun my own private practice in Marriage & Family Therapy. This was after failing my State Board Exam twice before finally passing.

Now, this! Are you serious?

Thank God I came through it. The surgery was a success. Today I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in.. 

My business has gone through a number of iteration. I still practice as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist but my focus is more on Coaching, Consulting, Writing and Podcasting.

kingsley-grant-writing-platformsI currently write for platforms such as Huffington Post, Goodmen Project, Addicted 2 Success and Thrive Global. I host a podcast: Smooth Career Change. My podcast has been heard in 100 countries and counting.

I host workshops and train on online start-ups especially for those who want to do a business on the side from home. I also teach on being more effective as a communicator at home and work.

Some of the places I’ve done either keynote speeches, training or consulting can be found on my SPEAKER’S PAGE. 



The Scar Remains but…

The scar remains as a reminder of the trauma I went through. But it also serves as an encouragement to others that you can overcome setbacks of all kinds.

Another scar that I overcame through the power of forgiveness, is teenage molestation. I wrote a book about that: Two Steps To ForGIFTness – Learning To Forgive When The Mind Says Yes But The Heart Says No!

This molestation occurred in Jamaica, my homeland, and I kept it a secret for over 20 years. Today I openly speak about it and accept invitations to speak on the topic of forgiveness. It’s my way of encouraging others who have had similar experiences and to help them with forgiving.

These are just some of the experiences I use to help people BE and DO their best in life both at home as well as at work. 

A Few Who Have Benefited …

Kingsley has a unique coaching method in which he asks questions that really triggers the brain to dig deep for answers that are already present within you. He does a great job of bringing that awareness to the surface, which in turn brings clarity to the situation.

~Barbara Sanchez


Kingsley asks great questions that force you to think more deeply. As I considered my goals and how they tie into my core values, Kingsley helped formulate a model that will help take me from where I am now to where I want to be. He helped me to visualize a path to the goal in a way that I would not have been able to see on my own.

~ Philip C.

Kingsley helps me to gather, understand, and strategically put my thoughts together in a way where I can see my direction clearer than before. His ability to talk you through your dreams and open your mind to new thoughts is incredible. He leaves me with a strong motivation to think bigger and be greater.

~Karine P.

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