Let me help you and Quickly NAVIGATE YOUR CHANGE PROCESS so you can ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS without major disruption to your PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL life


  • discovering how to minimize the negative fall-out from those around you because of skillfully navigating the change process!

  • being able to communicate more effectively to get what you want!

  • the feelings of turning what was meant to destroy you into something that rewarded you!

  • being able to lower your stress and anxiety levels during times of change

Hi, I'm CoachK your Expert Relationship & Transition Coach

I think I've CRACKED THE CODE on how to help you GET WHAT YOU WANT using my low-risk proven S.M.O.O.T.H CHANGE STRATEGY.
What Qualifies Me To Help You?

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in interpersonal skills - communication, a Certified Coach with 48 Days LLC and the American Association of Christian Coaches, Public Speaker and Published Author.

However, my best qualification comes from the fact that I was just like you and learned many lessons the hard way. It was only a few years ago that I found myself wrestling through some of those very questions.

I left my stable, prestigious and well-paying job, to pursue what was uncertain but promising. I was going to have the freedom I always wanted and do something that I identified as my passion.

I found my sweet-spot. That place where my passion, skill-sets and market intersected. 

However, I realized I was not prepared as I thought I was. My mindset wasn't ready for what potentially would come my way ... success. I pulled back and became busy with everything else because of my limiting and fearful beliefs; I procrastinated.

Overcoming that, took quite some time and significant investment of dollars. But it was well worth it.

I have learned what it takes to make the necessary changes so that I can pursue my passion and make a living from it to support the lifestyle I want for myself and family.

I am convinced that with my experiences, I can help you do the same using some of the techniques I have acquired along the way but get you there a whole lot faster and a lot less expensive.

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As stated above, I’ve been where you are. I know what it’s like. I’m not a guru. I’m your ordinary guy who:

  • had to overcome limiting beliefs to embrace a success mindset
  • transitioned at midlife after a 21-year employment where I had become comfortable miserable at the latter stage, to self-employment in 2008
  • found the courage to go back to college at the age of 47 and two years later completed my masters degree
  • have mastered building new relationships with successful minded people
  • hired the right coaches to help me sort through and implement successful ideas
  • migrated from Jamaica to the USA and have learned how to navigate my way within a new culture
  • had a strong desire to find a way to turn my passion into an online business where I can financially support the lifestyle I longed for
  • has become an expert at helping people communicate more effectively to experience satisfying relationships 

Hi, I'm CoachK your Expert Relationship & Career Change Coach

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Kingsley has been a friend and mentor to me for more than a decade. Just recently he coached me through to clarity on several projects I am working on. By systematically having me question the why behind some of my project goals I was able to gain greater clarity. This lead me to what I called a genius moment.This moment gave me a focus on a current project I did not have before. For clarity in your life, family, or business Kingsley Grant is a great coach to have on your team.
Sammy Garciacontent creator / speaker / author
I found working with Kingsley to be extremely beneficial to the process of thinking through my goals and how to reach them. The biggest take away I got from our conversation is clarity of thought. Kingsley asks great questions that force you to think more deeply. As I considered my goals and how they tie into my core values, Kingsley helped formulate a model that will help take me from where I am now to where I want to be. He helped me to visualize a path to the goal in a way that I would not have been able to see on my own. Kingsley is very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Phil Conradpodcaster / content creator / supervisor
Kingsley has a unique coaching method in which he asks questions that really triggers the brain to dig deep for answers that are already present within you. He does a great job in bringing that awareness to the surface, which in turn brings clarity to the situation. Kingsley, your guidance and help is very much appreciated! Now I'm clear on what I need to do
Barbara S.Dental Hygienist
It was a pleasure working with Kingsley to help me improve on a speech I was preparing. I was looking for feedback on the content of the speech as well as the delivery. Kingsley was gracious to coach me using a videoconference tool; this was key since this provided a lot of flexibility in my schedule to meet with him. Kingsley was able to offer instant feedback and tools on how to make the story of my speech more meaningful and engaging. He always kept an eye on the audience’s needs, which was also crucial to connect with them. Kingsley was also great at brainstorming names for my speech. At the end, I felt that Kingsley’s suggestions took my speech to the next level and provided me the confidence to deliver one of my best speeches.
Adriana AlcalaUX Creative Director - PwC Digital
Life Coaching is something that I take very seriously. In my mind, it has to be with someone I can trust with the direction of my life. Kingsley Grant solidifies his role as such over and over again. I'm at a place where every single decision that I make is crucial to my big picture. Kingsley helps me to gather, understand, and strategically put my thoughts together in a way where I can see my direction clearer than before. His ability to talk you through your dreams and open your mind to new thoughts is incredible. He leaves me with a strong motivation to think bigger and be greater.
Karine MelissaCEO of Fashion Design Expo / published author / speaker
I met Kingsley Grant during a very difficult and painful time in my life. I’d lost my daughter unexpectedly in a drowning accident. Having published my first children’s book on water safety, I was about to embark on something new and important yet daunting: Public Speaking. I turned to Kingsley, a well-sought after motivational speaker and coach. I am extremely shy. Kingsley was able to awaken a “Rockstar” within me. Unpretentious, he awakens in you whatever hidden talent(s) you never thought existed. He’s truly talented and amazing at what he does. On the day of my first speaking engagement to a group of children on water safety, which can be a tough crowd, I was able to put on my “rockstar-esque” performance with confidence. He is indeed the water and sun to your seed and once hydrated, one can only break through and grow.
Vanessaauthor / speaker / mom
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