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Your team has lost it's mojo, productivity has decreased and you want them back in the game!

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You are where you are because of your story. Change your story, change your world ~ Kingsley Grant
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Amazing Motivational Sessions
Moya JohnsonMgr / Hard Rock All-Inclusive Hotels
Encouraging, Engaging, Motivating
Susan LeventhalRegional Dir. / Professional Placement Network
Powerful, Timely, Effective
Vernon BaleyRegional Program Coordinator / Career Source Broward
Motivational, Great Stage Presence
Nancy LeveCoordinator & Trainer / Startup Quest South Florida
Pragmatic, Effective, Engaging
Heather MahoneyFounder / Success Strategies Advisors
"ReStorying For Success"
Your Company's Story Is Either Working For You Or Against You. It's Time To ReStory It
“No Jump No Glory”
If you or your company want to experience the success you have in mind, there must to be a jump.
"Living Beyond Regrets"
Your Company Has Experienced Some Bumps Along The Way And You're Now Faced With Some Options. Let's Choose The Best Option
I am a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Psychotherapist, Career Transition Coach, Host of the Smooth Career Change Online Radio (Podcast), and a published Author.
I seek to educate and motivate your group to DiSCover their CORE Strengths while developing a more effective communication style befitting of their personality. This empowers them to engage with more confidence, clarity and empathy.
I am the President of Kingspire Communications, an incubator for Rockstar-like Mindset, the S.C.O.R.E BIG Habits and the S.M.O.O.T.H Change Paradigm.
I am a proud dad, husband, a man of faith and a hope dispenser.

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3. An engaging, inspirational and transformational presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want from your team.

4. A quick follow-up communication after the event from someone on my team, to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

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