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I’m Kingsley Grant, author of The Midlife Launch: Successfully Pursue Your Dream Without

Giving Up What’s Most Important To You and I’m ready to help you in your business and life.


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I Am a Personal Development Coach 


I help high achievers—people just like you—develop the areas of your life that would enable you to BE and DO YOUR BEST in the home space and work place.

To do so requires the implementation of a proper framework. I have developed the Rapid Change S.M.O.O.T.H Framework consisting of the following 7 Steps.

7 Step Framework 


This 7 Step Framework uses the S.M.O.O.T.H.E Acronym. Each letter serves as a step to take you and/or others through the process. Each step builds upon the previous one.

At the end, you will take one action step and then evaluate to see what worked and how to do more of it.

Script The Right STORY

Having the right story propelling your personal and professional life opens the door to maximizing your full potential.

Open the OPTIONS

Identifying options are a crucial part of this framework success. Underneath the overwhelming feelings are options that once revealed, reduces the feelings of hopelessness.


Having a mission for your personal and professional life is key to your overall success. It becomes your WHY!

Trim the TIME

One of the most frequent reasons given for not attending to the problematic issues at stake is the lack of time. Is it the lack of time or is it the misappropriation of it that’s the problem?


Waiting to sabotage your personal and professional aspirations, is your inner and outer critic, which poses as real and perceived threats.


Most golfers want to tell at least one story of getting a hole-in-one. Why? It means they have cut out un-necessary strokes. So it is here: Getting to a quick end goal.


Evaluation is a key ingredient in assessing how well we are doing in our personal and professional journey. It may take different forms but it’s a necessity. Hence the reason it’s inclusion here.



How to Make Changes Without Jeopardizing

What’s Most Important to You


If you’re like most of the people I work with, you’re a high-achiever. You are committed to succeeding in life and at work, but at the same time mindful of the relational cost. You strive to do whatever it takes to reach your potential. You want to leave a legacy and have little or no regrets.

But the burden of unresolved conflicts, potential disruptions, lack of time, and the demands of life is taking a toll on you. It seems like there’s no end in sight. You’re exhausted but have to keep it together. You’re doing everything you possibly can to keep things afloat. Yet, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.


Does This Sound Like You?


Do you feel like you need to make some changes soon?

Do you fear these changes may have adverse effects on your surrounding relationships?

Do you worry that if you don’t do something, things may get worse?

Do you wish you had someone to help you navigate this process?


If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone. All of us have had these thoughts and feelings.




I Know How You Feel 


I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed knowing that I had to make some very hard decisions. I felt like I was alone in it because I lacked the kind of support I needed. And truth be told, sometimes I felt like just walking away and going back to “being normal” whatever that meant.

This rollercoaster feeling went on for years. I struggled to find my footing in some areas. I buried myself in more work and content consumption – books, workshops, online course, etc.

I came to the realization that there’s always more to do than there is time. The aha moment was when I realized the answer isn’t simply to get more done or try to please. The answer is to get the right things done and make the tough decisions. 

It didn’t come easy. It came with tears, prayers, and the help of some incredible friends and coaches that I hired. It came at a cost, not only in dollars but also in some painful losses. But I knew it was the right thing to do.



But It Doesn’t Have To Stay That Way 


Today, I am an avid podcaster, coach, and consultant. My podcast is heard in 100 countries with thousands of downloads. I have helped countless numbers of business owners remain productive and focused during the most challenging of times with business and personal relationships.

I am also a speaker and the author of three printed books and three Ebooks including my latest, The Midlife Launch: Successfully pursue your dreams without giving up what’s most important to you. I am also the founder and CEO of Helping Families Improve, Inc and Kingspire Communications LLC. We focus on providing events, online training, and practical tools to improve interpersonal communication in the workplace and homespace.

I have been married to my wife, Dionne, for thirty-two years. We have two grown children and live in the South Florida area. 




All You Need Is Someone Who Gets It


I would like to be your Personal Development Coach and/or Consultant, helping you and/or your team successfully navigate these challenges so that you remain focused and productive.

You don’t have to continue to feel overwhelmed. And, you don’t have to choose between success in your work life or success in your home life. You can have both.  


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